This is Bicyclist Privilege

Because social justice is that important

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This is Thin Privilege Gets it Right


Thin privilege is going to the doctor’s to get treatment for your eczema and getting told if you lose weight it will clear up by itself. My eczema has recently cleared up (no thanks to the doctor) and I am still the same weight.

Thank you!  It’s like I always have to tell pro-injustice warriors: Post-hoc, ergo propter hoc.  It’s a Latin phrase which means if something occurs after doing (or not doing) something, then you can KNOW with 100% certainty that the event occurred because of the prior lack of action!

It’s exactly like when bicyclists say I’d get to class faster if I biked.  Well guess what oppressors, I walked and still got to class.  Therefore biking would not have helped, because walking got me there.  Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.  Also Latin for “Checkmate, oppressors”

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    this is stupid because I have had eczema my ENTIRE life. I wasn’t a fatty when I was a kid so how do they explain that!...
  2. ibelieveintheoxfordcomma said: Same thing with my psoriasis…..which is genetic. Yeah. being 16 and told “Oh yeah your elbows will be normal if you lose weight” you realize how little some doctors know.