This is Bicyclist Privilege

Because social justice is that important

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She is completely right, and this issue is on par with us driving people. Why does the government have the right to regulate our speed? Why is it considered unhealthy and dangerous to drive at an speed I deem appropiate for me?

This is a clear infringement of my identity as a car driver and is institusionalised privilege, because Bicyclists don’t follow any restrictions.

And, by the way, kilometer counts on roads are massively inaccurate. First of all, the way we measure kilometers in roads is by putting americans to calculate them, something that is completely idiotic because Americans can’t use the metric system, or any numbers for that matter. Second, most roads, while they try to measure them accurately, have curves, which produces more innaccuracies because literally no one cares about geometry. And third, very few Civil Engineers are actually going to bother to measure the meters of their roads every single time they have to build them, so they assemble those numbers by guess and by gosh. The numbers and speed restrictions on most roads have little to nothing to do with the rush and pleasure that your body actually gets out of it.

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