This is Bicyclist Privilege

Because social justice is that important

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This past summer my uncle had lost like 30 pounds and he was talking about it and he leaned into me and told me the “secret to losing weight.” I mean, it was literally like he punched me right in the face. Instead of him saying it out loud for everyone to hear, he leaned in and told me like he was doing me some sort of favor.
Literally just another reason I hate my family.

You’re literally right.  My uncle had to nerve to lean in to me at a family event and try to explain how to ride a bicycle to me.  I called him out on his oppressive bullshit and asked why he leaned in and the only excuse he could muster up was “you’re the only one here who doesn’t know how, so I figured I’d just tell you”.  As if me being the only one needing the advice means he should tell only me as if it were a favor.  Literally like he stabbed me.

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