This is Bicyclist Privilege

Because social justice is that important

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I get a lot of questions from people asking how they can help this movement.  The answer is simple folks: if you want to achieve social justice, just reblog my posts.  That’s it.  That’s literally all you need to do to fix injustice in the world.  Click a button and the world will become how you want it to be.

Wait. So… you really think posting some words on some site on the internet is going to ‘fix’ anything? I don’t even know what your blog is really about (bicyclist privilege? Is that a joke?), but I couldn’t pass this by without comment.

Here’s a shocking truth for you bloggers: Writing a blog or reblogging a post will not FIX anything. It certainly won’t ‘fix injustice in the world’. This blog… this bicyclist privilege (??????) blog… just wants you to reblog them. They want notes. They want tumblr fame. They want to use you as their little sheep to spread their little opinions.

Don’t be so gullible, people. Any blog that tells you “hey reblog me and it’ll fix the world!” is lying. Not only are they lying, they don’t even have good intentions. 

Wow, you really don’t get it, do you?  We’re spreading AWARENESS by reblogging.  Haven’t you ever taken a class on awareness spreading protest?  If we make enough people aware of a problem (via reblogging), it will go away.  Or are you saying walks that promote cancer awareness don’t actually do anything?

As far as I know, people get pledges for Cancer walks, thus they are raising actual money for Cancer, whether that money goes to actual Cancer treatment for patients or toward research. So that is a really bad example. What you are doing is nothing like that. Good try.

Doesn’t that really show that the blame lies with you for your failure to give me money so that I can research solutions?

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