This is Bicyclist Privilege

Because social justice is that important

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A Startling Accusation

Some people have been accusing this blog (and therefore myself) of being satire.  Folks, this hurt to read.  Firstly, the fact that the word has “tire” in it shows an obvious bicyclist-bias in our language.

But secondly, and most importantly, because I truly believe in this cause.  Let me make this clear for all the haters out there.

    I truly believe that bicyclists actively oppress pedestrian-Americans by exercising unfair privilege. 

    I truly believe that society treats pedestrian-Americans as lesser human beings simply because they cannot ride a bicycle.

    I truly believe that whether one rides a bicycle is not a choice (much like being overweight), and that there’s nothing you can do to change your transportation-orientation. 

  I truly believe that any examples given of advantages that pedestrian-Americans have or disadvantages bicyclists have are actually just instances of the cyclarchy backfiring on bicyclists (much how any unfair treatment of men is an example of the patriarchy backfiring).

  I truly believe that bicycling is not natural and is an abomination onto a free society.

And finally, I truly believe that this blog is not about hating these abominations (bicyclists), but instead to give pedestrian-Americans a safe place to go (despite this not being a place) to feel not-oppressed.

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