This is Bicyclist Privilege

Because social justice is that important

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Time for a Contest!


Now that we’ve hit 210+ followers, it’s time for a contest!

Send in your best examples of bicyclist privilege and/or the oppression of pedestrian-Americans.  Any good ones will get published here on the blog.

One lucky winner with the best post (probably determined by number of likes/reblogs) will receive a special prize.  That prize is as follows:

I will write you a letter of recommendation like you would need for college admissions/job application.  I will read through your blog to learn about you and create a letter talking about how much of a hero you are for social justice.  After all, if you win this contest, you must be one.  The letter will be personalized for you, so I will only post it on my blog with your permission.  The letter will be in my usual writing style (revolutionary) and will be a good way to certify yourself as not only a social justice warrior, but to show that you have a doctorate in justice.

Start sending in your entries today, I’ll pick a winner in about a week!

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